Upgrade Of Berths

  • CLIENTDragon Oil Ltd.
  • LOCATION Turkmenistan
  • STATUS Completed Projects
  • The Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, installation and Commissioning of berth facilities.


Main Products

There are Eleven (11) existing berths at the Hazar harbor area seven (7) berths shall be upgraded.

• 1st and 2nd berths sizes are 77 x 24m,
• 3rd berth is 100 x 15m size,
• 4th berth is 100 x 15m size.
• Berth 5 & 6 consist of blocks divided by an expansion
• Gaps with 40mm and each are approximately 50 mt long. Berth 5 & 6 shall be upgraded to meet loading capacity of 50 ton/m2
• 7th, 8th and 11th shall be upgraded. Reconstruction works of Bert 4th, 5th & 6th

Piles 175 pcs 45mt length
Concrete 5.000 m3
Rebar 950 Ton
Backfill, Filter and Armor Layer materials  16.000 m3
Dredging Works  2.500 m3

Welding of Piles

21.000 D-I

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