As one of the most preferred Contractor in Central Asia, our strategy is to continue our stable growth in countries we operate, preserve our long-term relationships with our clients and be pioneer in engineering and solutions provided. 

  • To preserve the active and competitive role in markets operated.
  • To benefit from our past experiences.
  • To be flexible for a variety of customer needs


  • Local know-how.
  • Different type of projects experience in Central Asia.
  • Global and reputable clients.
  • Flexibility.

Engineering & Procurement

  • Turnkey projects.
  • Specialization in wide variety of engineering disciplines.
  • Good knowledge of local material markets and long term based supply chain.

Project Management

  • Efficient management of resources.
  • Fast mobilization.
  • Highly qualified, reliable and stable team.

Quality and Safety

  • High reputation in quality management.
  • Awarded for safety implementations.


  • Diversified portfolio of services.
  • Optimized solutions.



Information Society Services