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Turkmenistan Gas Desulfurization Project

  • CLIENTTurkmen Gas / Hyundai Eng. Ltd.
  • LOCATION Turkmenistan / Yoloten / Mary
  • STATUS Completed Projects
  • Civil, Architectural and HVAC works, Building Works, Tank & Silo Installation Works, Soil Investigation Works, Underground Piping Installation & Painting Works, Temporary Access Road to Site, NDE and PWHT work, Temporary Camp Facilities, Manpower & Equipment Supply of Scaffolding Works.


Main Products
Civil, Architectural and HVAC works  
Earthworks 261.915 m³
Concrete 44.915 m³
Reinforcement 4.217 tons
Piling Works 610 Nos 600 mm dia, 20 m length piles
Pile Testing Works Compression, Lateral, Tension Load and Integrity tests
Building Works  

Control Building

1.035 m²
Instrument & Substations Buildings 3.196 m²
Fire Water Pump Building 252 m²
Emergency Diesel Generator Building 163 m²
Demineralized Water Package Building 81 m²
Gate Houses 180 m²
Solid Sulfur Warehouse 6.000 m²
Sulfur Solidification Package Shelter 1.320 m²
Treated Gas Compressor Shelters 432 m²
HVAC Works HVAC Equipment, Duct. 
  Chilled/Cooling water Piping, Drainage, Plumbing,
  Potable-Hot Water Piping, Sanitary Piping, HVAC Control, Instrumentation.
Tank & Silo Installation Works 13 each total 1.197 tons tanks and 4 each total 150 tons silos. Fabrication, erection, installation, painting, NDT and hydro test of tanks and silos, commissioning.
Soil Investigation Works  
Boreholes, sampling, in-situ and laboratory testings


Bore Hole Drilling 67 nos
Trial Pit 5 nos
In-Situ Testing Electrical resistivity, SPT, Plate Load tests etc
Laboratory Testing Soil classification, Chemical analysis,
  Compaction Test, CBR, Permeability etc.
Underground Piping Installation & Painting Works 68.302 dia-inch RTRP and CS Underground Piping with installation of 14.214 each flange, valve etc., 162.000 m² blasting and painting, hydro testing, commissioning.
Temporary Access Road to Site Design and Construction of 7.2 km length and 11 mt width temporary access road.
Main Products  
Total Length 7.2 km
Width  11 m
Stripping  187.000 m²
Cutting 350.000 m³
Filling 236.000 m³
Sub-Grade (90% compaction & CBR > 30) 113.000 m²
Base Course (with compaction, thickness 150 mm) 17.000 m³
 NDE and PWHT work Post Weld Heat Treatment, Hardness, Radiographic, Ultrasonic,
Liquid Penetrate, Magnetic Particular&PMI tests.
Main Products  
PWHT joints 32.098 nos – 230.402 dia-inch
Hardness Joints 32.098 nos PMI joints : 100 nos
RT joints  14.998 nos – 177.000 sheet films
PA UT joints  5.756 nos – 65.000 diainch
MT joints 24.152 nos – 62.266 diainch + 538 m
PT joints  8.516nos – 12.960 diainch
Vacuum 1.838 m
 Temporary Camp Facilities  Site preparation, civil works, building installation, electrical and mechanical infrastructure works for camp and workshop area prefabricated buildings 3.000 Person capacity.
Main Products  
Total Open Area : 280.000 m²  
Closed Area : 48.635,14 m²  
  Manpower & Equipment Supply of Scaffolding Works Supply all competent labours and services, consumables, equipment and tools, utilities, surveys, tests and supervisions for scaffolding Work.



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