EPIC of Offshore Transportation & Installation Works

  • CLIENTPetronas Carigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn. Bhd.
  • LOCATION Turkmenistan / Kiyanly
  • STATUS Completed Projects
  • Offshore transportation installation and grouting works for West Diyarbekir and Central Diyarbekir and Garagol Deniz Drilling Platforms and relevant subsea pipeline and cabling works. (Total : 3 Jackets - Topsides - Drilling Decks - Boatlandings and 14 Piles)


Main Products

Transportation from onshore to aoffshore



Float over Operations with Levelling


Piling (above sea level and subsea)


Grouting (Pile Annulus)


ROV and Diving Operations


Offshore Lifting


Subsea Survey


Subsea Piping


18" and 4" Pipeline between WDDP-A and MCR-A (7 kms Length.)


14" and 4" Pipeline between WDDP-A and CDDP (8 kms Length)


14" subsea pipeline from GDWP-A to OGT.


75 km Fiber Optic Line.




On-Bottom shore-lay from DLB with complete pull-head, buoyancy set-up and diving operations.



On-bottom shore-pull with linear winch, socket passing and drum change-over operations.


Linear winch pulling and socket passing operation.


Shore-pull and lay landfall point approach.


Overall on-bottom shore-lay and shore-pull operation completion and tension release at linear winch.

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