İLK CONSTRUCTION// Oil & Gas //Downstream

Gas Treatment Plant Project Onshore Gas Terminal (GTPOGT) Expansion and Modification for Garagol Deniz West Oil Development

  • CLIENTHyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • LOCATION Turkmenistan / Kiyanly / Turkmenbashi
  • STATUS Completed Projects
  • Soil investigation, site preparation, building, civil, electrical, instrumentation, equipment, field tank, HVAC, insulation and piping works.


Main Products

Preparation Works

Soil Investigation

22 Boreholes 

Site Preparation (Earthworks)

209.468 m³

Civil Works

Structural Foundations

46.100 m³

Road & Paving

45.410  m² 

Site Finishing

92.494  m²

Building Works

1.240 m²

Piping Fabrication & Erection

Spool Fabrication

37.089  D/I

U/G Field Pipe Fabrication & Erection

9.382 D/I

A/G Field Pipe Fabrication & Erection

61.782 D/I

E&I, Telecom & CCTV

Cable Trays Installation

76.568 m

Cable Laying, Secondary Cabling  & Tubing

702.525 m

JB Installation

810 nos

E&I Equipment Installation

267 nos

Field Instruments

968 nos

Metal Tank Installation

907.000 Kg

Equipment Installation

906.060 Kg

Rotating Eqp. Installation

188.560 Kg

Hot Oil Pck. Installation

400.000 Kg

Insulation, Coating & Fireproofing

Painting of Piping

31.763 m²

Insulation of Piping

17.904 ea

Painting of Tanks

14.026 m²

Insulation of Tanks

5.240 m²

Fire Proofing (Equipment)

107 m²

Precommissioning Works



Information Society Services